Team KAGAYAMA signs Moto2 rider Dominique Aegerter for Suzuka

Published On June 6, 2014 | 2 Wheels, Yukio Kagayama

Kagayama 2014 Suzuka 8H MachineTeam KAGAYAMA, led by Yukio Kagayama, announced to day that they signed Moto2 World Championship rider, Dominique Aegerter for their 2014 Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race team.

In their second year at Suzuka, Team KAGAYAMA have once again formed a “Dream Team”, following last year’s Kagayama-Haga-Schwantz outfit.  This year, Noriyuki Haga, will race again, and the new addition to team is Dominique Aegerter.  Dominique currently races in the Moto2 World Championship with Technomag CarExpert team and is currently ranked 4th in the Championship.  The team with the “new wind of Suzuka” will aim for the win at Suzuka.

KT16868-150x150Yukio Kagayama

Kagayama will be aiming for the win with Team KAGAYAMA

“We will be aiming for the championship this year, with a young but fast rider, Dominique and, Haga who I respect. A “surprise” is needed for motorcycle racing in Japan.  We will be aiming for a best result than 3rd last year with Kevin (Schwantz) and I personally will be aiming for the win since 2007.”

06-150x150Noriyuki Haga

Japanese rider with the most wins in the World Superbike Championship.  Also, a Suzuka 8 Hour winner, Haga have once again climbed over the manufacturer barrier to join Kagayama.

“I kept my promise with Kagayama that I will run together with him at Suzuka.  We achieved a podium finish last year with Kevin and Kagayama, and we are aiming for the win this year with Dominique. I hope our fans cheer us so that we can win the race.”

DominiqueDominique Aegerter

Swiss rider, 23 year old (born Sept. 30, 1990). Started to race in Moto2 in 2010.  Ranked 5th in 2013. First time to race in Suzuka 8 Hours. Multiple podium finishes in Moto2, with speed and stability to finish races. Young rider with a bright future. His world level riding should have a good effect on the team as well as young Japanese riders.

“I love Japan, and, it’s the home of Shoya Tomizawa.  I thank the team that they gave me this opportunity to race in a big event like the Suzuka 8 Hours. It’s a very popular race in Japan, and my racing in it may help people in Europe know how great this race is.  This is my first time to ride a 1000cc machine, but there are no problems physically.  There are many top riders from the World Superbike Championship and the Japanese National Championship that are going to be racing, so it will be a very competitive race.  But with Kagayama, Haga, and myself, there is no doubt that we will be a stronger Team KAGAYAMA than last year”

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