Schedule this Week [5/21-5/23]

Published On May 17, 2010 | Other News

【BSB Round 4 Cadwell Park】

Speed of Japan Racers: Yukio Kagayama, Ryuichi Kiyonari

(All are local times)
Friday, May 21st
【Practice 1】10:10~10:55
【Practice 2】15:00~15:45

Saturday, May 22nd
【Practice 3】10:40~11:30
【Qualify 1】15:20~15:40
【Qualify 2】15:48~16:00
【Qualify 3】16:08~16:16

Sunday, May 23rd

【Race 1/18LAPS】12:30~
【Race 2/18LAPS】16:05~


【JRR Rd 3 Autopolis】

Speed of Japan Racers:  Hiroyuki Kikuchi (J-GP3), Osamu Miyazaki (ST600)

(All times are Japan Local)
Friday, May 21st  A.R.T. Joint Practice Day

Saturday, May 22nd
【Qualify J-GP3】08:50~09:30
【Qualify ST-600】10:30~11:10

Sunday, May 23rd
【Warm-up J-GP3】08:00~08:15
【Warm-up ST600】09:40~09:55
【Race J-GP3/14LAPS】10:45~
【Race ST600/16LAPS】15:55~

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