Noriyuki Haga to race full time in Asia

Published On February 16, 2015 | 2 Wheels, Yukio Kagayama

Team KAGAYAMA announces the 2015 Rider Line-up

Team KAGAYAMA announced today their plans for 2015. The top news was the announcement of former World Superbike rider, Nitro Nori (Noriyuki Haga) to race in the Supersports 600 category of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

Nitro Nori, with 43 wins in the World Superbike Championship, have raced with Team KAGAYAMA in the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hours for the last two years. Now, he joins team owser, Yukio Kagayama in his newly formed team in the ARRC. Team KAGAYAMA SUZUKI Asia will run full time in the ARRC, with Nitro Nori and a second rider who is to be announced shortly.

The team has also announced that the rider selection of the SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE is in progress, with announcement of the riders at the Official test scheduled at Sepang on April 1st and 2nd. The SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE is a new category in the ARRC, with a single platform SUZUKI FU150s. It is a rider development program for the Asian riders to eventually race in the MotoGP.

Kagayama will lead both Team KAGAYAMA SUZUKI Asia and SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE as General Manager.

The team has also announced its continuance in the JSB1000 of the Japan Road Race Championship. Kagayama will be riding the SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 in the Japanese squad. This year will be his fifth year to run in the Championship.

Another new addition to Kagayama’s effort is the entry into the J-GP2 class of the Japan Road Racing Championship. The team-made SUZUKI GSX-proto71 will be used. The team have signed 18 year old, Hijiri Yamamoto as rider for the J-GP2 team.


Nitro Nori(Noriyuki Haga)
_KT_0528-This will be a new challenge for me. I have raced for Team KAGAYAMA in the Suzuka 8 Hours for the past two years, and now they have offered me a full-season ride in the Asia Road Racing Championship, and I took this offer with my upmost pleasure. It will be a new challenge for the team and myself, but my long experience in the world championship should benefit the both of us. I’ve never raced a 600cc bike before in my life, so everything is fresh for me, and I am looking forward to it. I hope I can keep up to Yukio’s expectations, and hope to win races with the team.

Hijiri Yamamoto
HijiriI am very grateful to Team KAGAYAMA for giving me this opportunity to race with them. I am confident that this experience to race here will be a tremendous plus to myself. I will do my best to use this chance that the team have given me and achieve good results, so that I can do well in the future, hopefully in the world grand prix.



Yukio Kagayama
Kagayama@BinuangWe have announced our 2015 plans. I have been racing for 26 years in Japan and in the world, and now I think it is my role to pass along my experience to the younger ones. This year, we will be racing a young rider, Hijiri Yamamoto to J-GP2. We will also be racing the SS600 category in the Asian Championship, along with perating and producing the SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE. I hope these efforts will lead to a revitalization of the motorcycle industry and the motorcycle racing industry. As a rider, I will continue to race to win the Japanese Championship and the Suzuka 8 Hours. There are things that only an active rider can teach. There are things that only Team KAGAYAMA can do. My team will do our best to achieve the goals we set.