Kiyo and Kagayama to start from second row at Oulton Park

Published On May 3, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Ryuichi Kiyonari, Yukio Kagayama

Kiyo finds confidence in his setting.

The second day at Oulton Park was cloudy and chilly, at the 3rd round of the British Superbike Championship.  Both Ryuichi Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda) and Yukio Kagayama (Worx Crescent Suzuki) made it to Q3 quite easily.

Kiyo qualified 6th with a laptime of 1’36.224.  Kagayama qualified 7th with a laptime of 1’36.359.  They will both be starting from the second row in Race 1 tomorrow.

In his last attempt in Q3, Kiyo was running at his best pace of the week, however, a slower rider forced Kiyo to give up on this attempt.  Kiyo commented that if he had a clear lap, he would have probably finished the lap in the 35’s.

Lack of grip in the front tainted Kagayama this week

As for Kagayama, he was also running at his best pace of the week in his last attempt.  However, he almost high-sided at the Chicane, which stopped Kagayama from recording his best lap.  Kagayama has been tainted by the lack of grip in the front this week, and most of his set-up changes was trying to fix this problem.  He commented that if he will be able to fix this lack of grip, he should be able to race up front tomorrow.

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