Kikuchi qualifies 8th, Miyazaki qualifies 20th at Autopolis

Published On May 22, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Hiroyuki Kikuchi, Osamu Miyazaki

The 3rd Round of the Japan Roadrace Championship has opened at Autopolis in Kyushu Japan this weekend.

Defending Champion, Hiroyuki Kikuchi (J-GP3 Class) qualified 8th with a lap time of 2’00.354.  He still has some trouble trying to set up his machine using new tires that he hasn’t used in the past, however, Kikuchi is optimistic about the race tomorrow.

Osamu Miyazaki(ST600 Class) is still trying to cope with the new suspensions he started using this season.  After several tests since the last race, Miyazaki admits that there is still a lot to be improved, but the settings have improved since the first race, and he should do much better in the latter half of the season.  He qualified 20th today, with a lap time of 1’57.907.

Both classes will race tomorrow.  The weather is forecasted to rain.

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