Kikuchi finishes a solid 5th at Okayama

Published On September 27, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Hiroyuki Kikuchi

Defending Champion, Hiroyuki Kikuchi finished the race at Okayama with results he is not satisfied with, but can take.

Called as the “Okayama Meister”, this track is one of Kikuchi’s favorite.  However, it has been a challenging season so far for him, as he finds it difficult to find the best settings with new parts and tires he is provided this year.  His qualifying, which ended in 8th position, shows that he is still struggling.

Making a great start, Kikuchi jumps to 3rd position in the opening lap.  His flying laps allows him to take the lead at the early stages of the race.  However, his lack of grip in the front forces him to slow down the pace. He struggles and finally finishes 5th.

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