Kagayama and Kiyo fair day at Oulton Park

Published On May 2, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Ryuichi Kiyonari, Yukio Kagayama

(Photo taken at Thruxton)

The first day of Round 3 of the British Superbike Championship opened today at Oulton Park.

Finishing 6th in the morning session and 11th in the afternoon session, Kagayama said it was not that bad of a day.  The feeling he got while riding wasn’t bad, but just couldn’t find a fast lap.  He commented after the session that he thought the lap time would be faster than what he actually marked.

As for Kiyonari, he finished 5th in the morning and 12th in the afternoon.  Kiyonari admitted he was having a difficult time trying to set-up the bike.  However, he found a solution at the end of the morning session, and he feels confident that lap time will be better tomorrow.

Because of the “Bank Holiday” in the U.K., race day is scheduled for Monday this weekend.

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