Hideki Noda, #39 KSM machine stops at Lap 78

Published On May 10, 2010 | 4 Wheels, Hideki Noda

Despite worries of a wet race, the 2nd round of the Le Mans Series at Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium was held in dry condition.  Hideki Noda, in his third year in the Series, was scheduled to drive the last portion of the 143 lap race.

With confidence of a good race set-up, the #39 KSM LolaB08/Judd started the race with high hopes.  However, with 2 hours into the race, first driver, Jonathan Kennard was forced to pull into the pit due to a collision.  This would normally end the race as a contender, but luckily a red flag halted the race immediately after Jonathan pulled in.  This allowed the team to fix the car, and be ready for the re-start on time.

Noda’s earlier prediction that the #39 KSM machine would perform well during the race, it gradually moved up its position and was at one time in P5 in the LMP2 class.  However, while 2nd driver, Jean de Pourtales was driving, a mechanical trouble forced the car to a halt on Lap 78.  The team had to retire from the race without Noda making a lap in the race.

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