Heavy Rains washes out Race Day at Autopolis

Published On May 25, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Hiroyuki Kikuchi, Osamu Miyazaki

Hiroyuki Kikuchi

Heavy rain at Autopolis on race day forced the organizers to cancel all races scheduled.  The organizers took in consideration of the riders safety with heavy rain and fog.

Defending Champion, Hiroyuki Kikuchi in the J-GP3 Class qualified 8th, while Osamu Miyazaki in the ST600 Class qualified 20th the day before.

Kikuchi, still having problems with tire choice, did not quite achieve his desired setting.  However, he was optimistic about the race.  Miyazaki was having problems with his settings on his new suspensions, but admitted that the machine is improving after each test.

The next race is scheduled for late August, and they both commented that they will continue testing to make sure they are in top condition when they return.

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