BSB Opening Round-Race Day

Published On April 6, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Ryuichi Kiyonari, Yukio Kagayama

A close battle by Kiyo and Hill

For Kiyo, it became a day of mixed results.  After starting from Pole in Race 1, Kiyo leads until the latter half of the race.  After Tommy Hill takes the lead, Kiyo kept his position and finished 2nd in the race.  Kiyo commented that he changed his setting from Qualification and this setup did not match well.  It took some hard work just to stop Hill from passing.  In Race 2, Kiyo did not start well, and just when he tried to recover his loss, he had to retire from a mechanical problem.

For Kagayama, Race 1 was a stunt no other rider can probably manage.  Right after start, his shift lever fell off, leaving him no choice but to run only in the 3rd gear.  Without the lever, there was no way he could have shifted gears.  He somehow managed to finish the race only in the 3rd gear, and miraculously managed to gain points by finishing 12th.

The next race will be at Thruxton, April 16-18.

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