A struggling weekend for Uramoto at Valencia

Published On October 25, 2021 | 2 Wheels, Naomichi Uramoto

The penultimate round of the 2021 ESBK Spanish Superbike Championship took place at Circuit Ricardo Tormo, located in Valencia, Spain. A well known circuit for motorcycle race fans, it has hosted MotoGP and World Superbike races, and also is the home ground for Uramoto’s team, JEG Racing, which based in Valencia.

Uramoto and the team tested at the circuit prior to race weekend. The plan was to clear the problems they had from the beginning of the season. However, due to a crash by an another rider, the test was cut short, and Uramoto was not able to finish the testing menu planned.

Come race week, Uramoto and the team tried as many settings as possible on Thursday’s untimed practices, and Friday’s timed Practice sessions, but the problem was not solved and had to go into qualifying and racing with the problems still existing.

In qualifying, while the rivals managed to lap at the personal bests, Uramoto was not able to score his personal best. His best lap was 1’35.675 and had to settle for the 8th grid in Race 1.

Without any major improvements on the bike, Race 1 was a struggle for Uramoto. Uramoto needed to brake more in corners to turn, and because of this his rivals will accelerate faster at the exit of the corners. Uramoto managed to catch up with the riders in front of him, but was not able to pass them. Marking his personal best lap at Valencia did not quite help Uramoto, and finished 8th in Race 1.

Uramoto made a good start in Race 2 on Sunday, by jumping up to P6 at start. However, Uramoto had to defend his position, rather than going after the riders in front. Although Uramoto dropped to P9 for a brief moment, Uramoto regained position to P8 by mid-race. The second half of the race was spent in a one-on-one battle with Roman Ramos, the 2020 ESBK Champion. Uramoto positioned himself right behind Ramos trying to make a pass. He was not able to pass Ramos, and when he took a chance and passed him, Ramos will take his position back by running a cross-line. And at the final corner of the final lap, Uramoto passed Ramos, and know that Ramos will come once again use the cross-line, Uramoto succeeded in blocking the line, and finished 7th in Race 2.

Naomichi Uramoto
“We tried many setups to solve the problem we had. I changed my riding style to see if I could somehow make an improvement, but I am sorry that I was not able to do so. The team did what they can do for me, and I thank them for it. There is only one more round in the season, and I plan to ride a good race and wash all my frustrations away.”

Qualify  8th 1’35.675
Race 1  8th Best Lap 1’35.262
Race 2  7th Best Lap 1’35.179
Standings 7th 123 points

All photos by Francisco Fraile Martin