Uramoto earns points at the ESBK season opener in Navarra

Published On July 30, 2020 | 2 Wheels, Naomichi Uramoto

Professional sports has been heavily affected by the Covid-19 infections and ESBK CAMPEONATO DE ESPAÑA DE SUPERBIKE has been no exception. The postponed opening of the 2020 season finally took place at Circuito de Navarra in Spain on July 25th. The season has been shortened to 6 rounds, however, all Superbike races will be a double-header, thus the season will feature 12 races this year. In order to make the double-header possible, qualification that was held twice on Saturday in the previous years will take place only once.

Naomichi Uramoto, who will be racing full season with JEG Suzuki Racing again this year, travelled to Spain in early July, when the travel ban to EU for Japanese citizens was lifted. He spent July participating in 3 days of testing to prepare for the season to start.

Untimed practice sessions took place on Thursday and Friday as usual. Uramoto struggled a little to mature his settings, only allowing to time a lap 0.3 seconds slower from his best lap at Navarra.

Uramoto managed to improve his best lap at the track in the qualifying session. He qualified 9th with a lap of 1’40.186.

Race 1 took place on Saturday afternoon. Uramoto started his race by keeping his position but briefly dropped to P10 on the 2nd lap. However, he restructured himself and took P8 on Lap 3. Showing stability, Uramoto passed riders, and improved to P7 in Lap 6, and then to P6 in Lap 15, finishing the race in P6.

Starting from the 6th grid in Race 2, which took place Sunday afternoon, kept his grid position for the beginning laps. He dropped to P7 on Lap 6. By midway of the race, the top 5 riders made a significant gap with the 2nd group, leaving Uramoto and an another rider battle for P6. One of the riders in the top 5 dropped out in Lap 13, putting Uramoto in P6 and battling for P5. Uramoto succeeds to overtake his rival in Lap 16, advances to P5, and finishes the race in that position.

Naomichi Uramoto
“I am happy to be back at the track, and that the season finally started. I am satisfied with my results considering the condition the team, the machine, and I am in at this moment. Round 2 is coming next week, so I will analyze and figure out the problems we currently have and be ready for the next round.”

Results Round 1 ESBK 2020

Qualifying  9th Best Lap 1’40.186
Race 1  6th Best Lap 1’40.907
Race 2  5th Best Lap 1’40.533