Ryuichi Kiyonari to race in the final round of the All Japan Road Race Championship at Suzuka

Published On October 20, 2016 | 2 Wheels, Ryuichi Kiyonari, Yukio Kagayama

Kiyo 2016 8H

(Photo: 2016 Suzuka 8Hours)

After his final round of the 2016 British Superbike Championship at Brands Hatch, Ryuichi Kiyonari will be heading back to Japan, for a wildcard entry at the final round of the 2016 MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship, to be held at Suzuka Circuit on November 5-6 in the JSB1000 category.

Kiyonari will be racing with Team KAGAYAMA, spearheaded by team owner and rider, Yukio Kagayama. Kiyonari has raced with the team in 2015 and 2016 at the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race. Kagayama has been offering Kiyonari for this race for awhile now, and Kiyonari has accepted his offer. Machine is Suzuki GSX-R1000. Tires are Dunlop. Entry Number is #77.

This will be Kiyonari’s appearance at the Japanese Superbike since 2012. As for Team KAGAYAMA, it will be the team’s first to enter 3 entries in one race, with Kagayama in the JSB1000 along with Kiyonari, and current point leader, Naomichi Uramoto in the J-GP2 category.

Event: 2016 MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship Round 9
             The 48th MFJ Grand Prix Superbike Race in Suzuka
Number: #77
Machine: GSX-R1000
Tires: Dunlop

#77 Ryuichi Kiyonari | Rider
“Kagayama-san has been giving me this offer for quite some time now, but it took me this long to decide, with team changes during the season in the BSB. I have raced with the team for two years now at Suzuka 8Hours, so I am confident about the team. As long as I am participating, I am going to do my best to win this race.”

#71 Yukio Kagayama | Team Owner/Rider
“Kiyonari will be joining me at the final round of the JSB1000 category at the final round of the Japanese Championship at Suzuka. It’s our revenge to Suzuka 8Hours. At the same time, I want to construct a system where it will be easier for Japanese riders in Japan to race overseas, as well as Japanese riders racing abroad come back to Japan for a wildcard entry.

I remember many Grand Prix riders coming to All Japan for the final round, and it made an impact on all of us racing in Japan at that time. Kiyonari’s, along with Leon’s (Haslam) entry at the final round should make it an exciting one. I wish to see you all at Suzuka!”