Kagayama finishes 11th at Autopolis

Published On September 17, 2015 | 2 Wheels, Yukio Kagayama

Kagayama@2015 Autoplis Rd6

Round 6 of the 2015 MFJ All Japan Road Racing Championship was held September 12th and 13th at Autopolis in Kyushu, Japan. The race was co-hosted by Super Formula, and the JSB1000 category was the only two wheel category held. This is the second time this year for the Championship to race here at Autopolis, but this was the first time this year for Yukio Kagayama, as he missed the race in April, due to injuries he sustained at the race in Suzuka.

There were two 50-minute sessions on day 1, and Kagayama lapped a 1’49.817 to place him in 5th, but he couldn’t improve his lap time in the 2nd session, due to a minor crash.

Qualifying was held in knockout method, where only the top 10 riders in Q-1 would be able to advance to Q-2. Kagayama continued to set-up his SUZUKI GSX-R1000 for the race. He positioned himself out of the top 10 througout the Q-1, but managed to lap a 1’50.385 on his last lap to slide into 10th, and advance to Q-2. But he used his tires in Q-1, and was not able to do more in Q-2, thus qualifying at 10th for the race.

Kagayama makes a great start at the race, and puts himself to 5th at the 1st corner, but gradually was passed by other riders. He was not able to pace up, and found himself dropping to 10th. By the end of the race, conditions for him would worsen, but Kagayama concentrated on finishing the race. He finished the race 11th.

Kagayama@2015 Autopolis Rd6Kagayama@2015 Autopolis Rd6Kagayama@2015 Autopolis Rd6K7D_8100Kagayama@2015 Autopolis Rd6