Injury stalls Miyazaki at Tsukuba

Published On April 4, 2010 | 2 Wheels, Osamu Miyazaki

Osamu Miyazaki, in the ST600 Class of the Japanese Roadrace Championship, joined Ito Racing GMD Suzuka this season.  This will be his 7th year in the ST600 Class.

It has just been only a month since his signing with the new team, and there was only little time to prepare and test for this season opener at Tsukuba Circuit, in Ibaraki, Japan.

During the test day on Thursday, Miyazaki crashes and hurts his left hand.  The pain from this injury limits Miyazaki’s capacity to run properly.  Due to this, we was only able to make 40th in qualifying, and resulted in a disqualification of the race.

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