Speed of Japan forms「Racing for Haiti」

Published On January 26, 2010 | Other News

Speed of Japan announces that it has formed  the “Racing for Haiti” Project for relief purposes in the recent earthwake-strucken country of Haiti.

“Racing for Haiti” will hold a “silent auction” online, with racing memorabilia provided top Japanese racers not only from Speed of Japan in both motorcycle and car racing.

The auction will start February 1st, and end February 7th.  Bidders will bid through a online form on the Speed of Japan website.

【Racing for Haiti Charity Auction Particpants

4 Wheel

Satoru Motoyama SUPER GT Series
Kosuke Matsuura IndyCar, Super Taikyu
Hideki Noda Le Mans Series
Roger Yasukawa IndyCar Series
Tsugio Matsuda Formula Nippon, SUPER GT Series
Masataka Yanagida  SUPER GT Series

2 Wheels
Hiroshi Aoyama   MotoGP
Tadayuki Okada   Former WGP Rider
Hitoyasu Izutsu  Japan Roadrace Championship
Taro Sekiguchi Japan Roadrace Championship
Yuichi Takeda Japan Roadrace Championship
Tamaki Serizawa   Motocross & Roadrace Rider
Chojun Kameya   Japan Roadrace Championship
Satoru Iwata   Japan Roadrace Championship
Katsuaki Nakasuga  Japan Roadrace Championship
Kazumasa Masuda   Japan Motocross Championship
Makoto Tamada   Superbike World Championship
Yukio Kagayama British Superbike Championship
Ryuichi Kiyonari  British Superbike Championship
Hiroyuki Kikuchi  Japan Roadrace Championship
Osamu Miyazaki  Japan Roadrace Championship

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